Boasting superior natural flavor with tenderness and juiciness,enjoy Japanese beef, ‘Wagyu’ as your extraordinary experience.

The soft and delicate flavor of ‘Wagyu’ beef (means Japanese indigenous Beef) is very popular in Japan, where ingredient’s original flavor is very important, and treated as premium rank of meat with high price.

You will never forget if you once taste ‘Wagyu’ beef because of its juicy and refined taste.
The high quality of tenderness and mouthwatering flavor are the result of the industry has been long tried to respond Japanese customers’high demand of quality beef.

We provide with pride, good quality of “Wagyu” beef from selected farms in Japan to the world.

Our lines of business are mainly A5 or A4 grade of “Kuroge Wagyu”, Japanese indigenous Black cattle.

At first, you can try order us from a small quantity of order for your marketing research.

We are also happy to consult you about any Japanese foods except “Wagyu,” too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.