High quality,tender and juicy beef: Wagyu


Wagyu is the type of cattle unique to Japan and can be said to be part of Japan’s herittage.

The quality and flavor of it has been recognized as premium around the world.
Now exports are increasing followed by the recent Japanese cuisine boom.

Smooth rich texture, juicy flavor, delicate but full of flavor will never be forgotten once you try them.

These unique characters are created by the large proportion of amino acids (the basis of its savoriness or flavor) and unsaturated fat.

In addition, “marbling” affects its taste. We have especially valued on marbling beef as a symbol of high quality Wagyu.

The marbling means streaks of fat in lean meat,but it is never too rich.

Indeed,it is the biggest factor of Wagyu’s melting like flavor.

This perfect marbling becomes possible only when the cattle have been raised in the vast, green wilderness and by using carefully selected feed, pure water, and clean air.

We make sure that once you taste “Wagyu,” Japanese beef, you will find the new value and taste of beef.

What breeds of cattle produce Wagyu?


Not all Japanese beef can be called as Wagyu.
Only breeds that satisfy the following conditions can be accredited as Wagyu beef.

About breeds
1)Japanese Black cattle
2)Japanese Brown cattle
3)Japanese Shorthorn cattle
4)Japanese Polled cattle
5)Cross breeds resulting from interbreeding of 1) to 4) above

About breeding environment
1)The cattle must be cattle born and bred in Japan only
2)Ancestry of the cattle must be able to be confirmed by traceability system

The following logo mark and wording are designed to appeal of “Genuine Wagyu beef made in Japan” when exporting Wagyu beef to overseas markets.
It acts as a guide when selecting delicious, high-quality, authentic Wagyu beef.


About Grading system of Wagyu

wagyu grading

To ensure fair trading,Japanese Wagyu beef is currently graded by the Japanese meat grading association.

Wagyu beef is graded based on yield grade and meat quality.

1)The yield grade refers to the ratio of usable obtained from a carcass.
It is classified into three grades from A to C. A means that it has higher yield grade.

(The ratio for each grade A: 72 and greater; B: 69 and greater; C: less than 69)

2)Meat quality is classified into five grades from 5 to 1 based on beef marbling,color and brightness of the meat,firmness and texture of the meat and color and brightness of the fat.

The lowest of the four individual grades is the final grade allocated to the meat.
A thorough grading system of 15 grades through a combination of the above two elements ensures a clear indication of Wagyu beef quality and yield grade such as A4 or B3.

Parts of Wagyu beef


1)The ribloin is the loin located next to the chuck at the dorsal side of the rib area.
The meat is thick and fine texture.It is often well marbled giving it a full bodied flavor.

Recommended :Steak/Shabu-Shabu/Barbecue/Sukiyaki


The sirloin,similar to the fillet is considered a high quality cut and is located behind the ribloin.
Tender and juicy texture is ideal for steaks.

Recommended for Steak/Barbecue/Sukiyaki/Shabu-shabu/Roast Beef


The fillet is located on the inside of the loin,contains practically no muscle and is characterized by its fine texture,tenderness and low fat contents.

It accounts for only 2% of the entire edible parts that making it the most expensive cut of beef available. Since the color of the meat is easy to get degraded, it needs to be treated with care.

Recommended for Steak/Barbecue/Roast Beef

kata loos

Chuck Roll

The long forequarter section extends from the shoulder to the back.
Chuck eye roll is moderately marbled and tender lean meat with a very tasty flavorful.
Its flavor should be enjoyed in thin slices for such as Shabu shabu.

Recommended for :Shabu shabu, Sukiyaki, Yakiniku

Download the catalog of Wagyu from the following links

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